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Radio Frequency Management UK & EU

Professional series radio requires a licence to operate within the UK and Europe the specifics of applying for a licence vary from country to country.
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Roadphone NRB understand that the long and often complicated process of applying for the correct licences can be challenging. This is why we can fully control the application process for you, allowing you to focus on what’s important.

With all radio equipment hired Roadphone NRB has a responsibility to ensure that it is being used in a legal manner. Because of this our account specialists will apply for licences in advance of the event on your behalf.

Licencing is important, not only is it a legal requirement; it also ensure that you are not going to experience issues with interference. Roadphone NRB have applied for thousands of radio licences on behalf of our customers not only in the UK but across Europe, including events that cross borders.

Small or less critical events can use “Standard Radio Hire” frequencies for free in the UK, these are shared frequencies that are open to all two-way communications hire so whilst these frequencies are free of cost there may be interference caused by other radio hire going on around your area.

For mission critical communications or radio systems that are concerned with safety our event specialists would recommend that dedicated frequencies are applied for. These frequencies are not free of charge but do ensure that other users will not be causing interference during your event.

Roadphone NRB can also offer frequency co-ordination for the whole of your site ensuring there are no interferences that may occur from separate entities sourcing their own radio hire while operating on your site, by co-ordinating these frequency’s we can ensure there is no conflicting equipment.

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