Roadphone NRB

Portable Masts

Improve and develop is the Roadphone NRB way… Our masts go straight into the workshop after purchase go through a full “MOT”.

Roadphone NRB maintain a fleet of mobile tower masts, to support long range radio communication. Our latest mast will feature solar panels with 480Ah of batteries, capable of powering repeater systems installed in the trailer. This is ideal for power failures, and also for installing masts in locations which do not have mains connectivity. 

  • Mechanical motors are added to improve speed of deployment
  • Aluminium boxing is fitted to hold our radio systems creating greater flexibility in positioning as we don’t rely on other structures to house our solutions
  • Full electrical refit to enable safe power to our systems
  • Solar panels are added combined with a solar recharge system
  • Extensive battery back up system is inbuilt ensuring that if power is lost the radio system continues to work
  • Deployed to some of the highest points in the UK & Europe our masts stand alone ensuring your coverage requirements are met

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