Compact, discreet and intuitive, the VT50 integrates seamlessly with your existing technology infrastructure. Stream high-quality video to the control room via Wi-Fi, to ensure front-line teams are protected in the moments that matter

High-quality video and audio
Body-worn cameras are typically used to protect people and prove professionalism. With 720p High Definition video and high-quality audio, the VT50 enables front-line teams to record evidence-grade video footage. Capturing events from the wearer’s perspective delivers a powerful new narrative.

Lightweight, compact and discreet
Customer-facing teams need a discreet, yet high-performing wearable video camera. Weighing only 27 grams, the VT50 is Motorola Solutions’ smallest and lightest body-worn camera. The VT50’s compact and lightweight design helps integrate into any uniform, for unparalleled deployment flexibility.

Wi-Fi streaming capabilities
Increased situational awareness is vital to creating a safe and productive working environment. Wi-Fi streaming empowers control room teams to respond quickly when situations escalate. With the ability to simultaneously live-stream, and record High Definition video for up to 1 hour on a single charge, the VT50 helps your staff feel safe and protected.

Intuitive operation and camera management
With a battery standby time of up to 3 months in instant recording mode, the VT50 is simple to use and manage, meaning staff are more likely to adopt the new technology. One-touch operation and rapid camera allocation further simplifies operation of the VT50. Simply swipe and lift to assign a camera for the duration of a shift with zero fuss.

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