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Two-Way Radios For Hotels

Giving your guests the best possible experience means being constantly in touch with your team, whilst impacting your guests the least. From the concierge and reception desk, to the kitchen, maintenance and events team, everyone needs to keep in touch to ensure the best possible service is provided to customers. We offer the best radios for hotels to ensure this is a reality.

Quality Radios Made Specially for Hotels

To be able to provide the hotel guest with a comfortable environment to spend their night, they do not want to be distracted by beeping radio tones or loud communications overhead from nearby handsets. To ensure that the customer experience lives up to their expectations Motorola Solutions and Hytera have put a number of radio features in place.

Having the ability to put your radio in a silent or ‘covert’ mode is important for hotel staff. These features usually turn off the display, visible LEDs and audible tones, preventing the radio from being a distraction in an interaction with a guest. Vibration alerts are another step that can be taken to make sure you don’t miss an alert without distracting anyone.

Roadphone NRB will be able to come to your hotel(s) and carry out a site survey, from which we will be able to advise the ideal configuration based on the building you are working in. Larger hotels may require a repeater system to enable complete coverage and also allow you to run a number of more advanced features such as job ticketing.

Small hotels may be able to operate on back to back mode, which is where the radios talk directly to each other rather than relaying back to a base station (system). This is usually only an option for smaller buildings as the material used in construction, such as steel and concrete, can absorb a lot of radio signal giving you poor coverage.

Roadphone NRB offer a number of slim radios that are small and lightweight that can be clipped to the belt, when paired with a wireless earpiece designed for easy, reliable wireless communications. What’s more, adopting a solution from the world’s leading radio manufacturers gives your guests piece of mind that they’re staying in a high quality establishment.

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