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Two-Way Radios

Two-way radios are a simple and effective way of making your workplace more efficient, and therefore reducing interactions between people. Whether you’re communicating between front of shop and store-room teams or updating a security guard on customer numbers on the shop-floor, radios can be a great tool in keeping your workforce safe.

- Using radios is recommended in the Government’s COVID-19 Secure Guidelines
- Maintain distance between colleagues and customers
- Monitor customer numbers & social distancing in your store to get customers in the shop as quickly as you safely can
- Communicate between different teams across your premises whilst staying apart
- Control risks associated with lone working
- Reduce movement and non-essential trips around your site

There’s lots of options when it comes to buying two-way radios. You can either buy license-free radios, licensed products, or larger systems with repeaters to get greater coverage. Of course, there’s a wide range of accessories available, and radios from Roadphone NRB are available to hire or buy.

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Thermal CCTV Cameras

We all know that a fever or high temperature is one of the main symptoms of COVID-19, and we’re pleased to present the Dahua Thermal Camera range. This allows you to quickly and easily identify the precise body temperature of an individual, triggering an instant alarm for those with an elevated temperature. You can then take the affected individual to one side for further screening.

- Detect the temperature of an individual as they enter your premises
- Visual & audible alerts
- Accurate to within 0.3c
- Up to 30 individuals processed per minute
- Easily installation and rapid deployment
- Cameras can be connected via IP networks for multi-camera setups

How does it work?

A basic kit contains a thermal camera, a blackbody, and two tripods. The blackbody needs to be set-up in the camera’s field of view, and the camera then calibrates itself from the blackbody, which is heated to a known temperature. You then set your temperature parameters, allow the system to calibrate, and you’re ready to go

- Quick and simple setup
- Use NVR for single camera setup, or server application for multi-camera site
- You set your parameters for normal and over-temperature alarms

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PA & Loudhailers

Here’s something to shout about! Our PA systems can help you to talk to a large number of people more easily, especially if your audience are adhering to social distancing and standing 2m apart.

- Construction sites – deliver toolbox talks or safety inductions whilst people are standing apart
- Takeaway businesses – call people to collect their orders, even if they’re waiting in their cars or standing far away
- Got people queuing outside your store? Keep customers informed about waiting times, and even play promotional audio content to keep people inspired for their trip to your shop

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Portable PA solutions

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100v line systems

All these solutions are available to hire, so call us today on +44(0)1778 421250 to see how we can help

Body-Worn Video Cameras

Body-worn video cameras help to protect front-line workers from the risk of violence, whilst also ensuring any incidents are evidentially recorded.

- Body cameras work as a deterrent to violence, keeping your staff protected
- Fully encrypted, evidence-level video recording
- Excellent battery life
- Small, unobtrusive cameras with space for your custom branding
- Use your existing RFID staff ID system to book in/out body cameras
- Once docked, data is automatically uploaded back to your server

Motorola’s video cameras are already used by UK police forces, prisons, train operators and private security firms, so why not consider protecting your workforce today?

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