Over-the-Air Programming Improving Hytera's DMR Tier III


Digital two-way radio has seen many improvements in efficiency. Over the air programming, or OTAP, is just one of those improvements. Hytera’s latest version of DMR Tier III trunking brings many improvements, including the ability to re-program DMR radios over the air, instead of connecting a radio to a computer using a USB cable.

In August 2017, our engineer Ian Haver travelled to Hytera’s UK headquarters to be trained on upgrading our Tier III systems to the latest version. The latest software allows for fast and simple re-programming of radios whilst they are still deployed enabling name, channel and frequency changes to be made easily.

Once the programming task is set-up, a change can be made to a fleet of hundreds of radios within a few seconds.

Ian is pictured, right, carrying out the upgrade on one of our Endurance Technology system racks, using the built-in keyboard and monitor module.

For hire systems, our engineers can provide over-the-air programming from the dispatch PC, which is usually located at the radio distribution point, and connected to the radio system over an IP network.

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