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In September 2017, our engineer Paul Woodman travelled to Hytera’s UK headquarters, to take delivery of one of the first Hytera PDC760 radios to land in the country. This revolutionary radio also doubles-up as a smartphone. Our engineer Paul has been hands-on, getting to grips with the new device, to become a product specialist.

As well as being a conventional DMR radio, the device also functions as a mobile phone, with full 3G/4G integration. Supporting all the features you have come to expect from a modern smartphone, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, the PDC760 also includes LTE compatibility, which could create many opportunities for integration into the new Emergency Services Network (ESN) in the future.

The device’s Android-based platform provides countless opportunities for third party development, which seems ideally suited for job ticketing, fault reporting and on-location auditing scenarios.
Many conventional radios rely on just one line of communication between the device, other radios and its backbone infrastructure. However, as the PDC760 is a multi-mode device, Wi-Fi or 4G connectivity can be used to transmit large amounts of data, such as videos and photos, to and from the device. And, as these methods support higher bandwidth than regular radio traffic, the opportunities for data transmission are much greater.

The new multi-mode device is fully compatible with DMR Tier III systems, allowing for full private and group calling, user priority and dynamic regrouping, enabling instant scalability from everyday operations management to major incident response. In the future, integration between DMR Tier III and the PDC7560 will inevitably become available, meaning the device can still talk into the radio network when out of range, relying on 4G or Wi-Fi connectivity.

The PDC760 is IP67 rated, and features a Gorilla Glass III display with anti-fingerprint and oil-resistance technology. Furthermore, a smaller mini-display on the top edge of the device allows the radio user to easily see which group (or channel) they are monitoring, when the radio is attached to their belt.

The device can be configured and programmed using the Wi-Fi network, allowing for quick and easy re-configuration whilst the device is deployed.

Along with the release of the PDC760, Hytera have also produced a video remote-speaker microphone. Designed to work with the multi-mode radio, the VRSM features a built-in camera, with footage being streamed and recorded on the radio via Bluetooth. Additionally, an optional display on the VRSM allows the users to quickly and easily re-play footage. Although it may be some time before the Hytera PDC760 and video RSM become common-place, it certainly represents a glimpse into the future for two-way radio technology, and shows the great potential that’s available from a device which combines DMR, LTE, 4G and broadband technology.

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