Emergency Communication Considerations for Tall & Complex Structures


Emergency (life safety) communications for complex building structures can be difficult to achieve, Roadphone NRB’s Richard Russell explains one very resilient solution.

In the event of an emergency every second counts and what’s just as important is a clear line of reliable communication.

Take a moment and consider the unlikely situation of the recent large fire that erupted at an oil refinery in The Netherlands. If a fire threatened a tall office building occupied by thousands of staff in the financial sector of the city, or a museum or library where priceless publications and artefacts reside – these could be very serious and life-threatening incidents. Such incidents are rare but do happen. They often result in mains power failure due to fire or lightning strike creating serious communication problems. Furthermore, hindering coordination of an evacuation, crisis management of the situation and subsequent loss of business continuity resulting in £M’s of damage, disrupted business not to mention the potential loss of life.

A Need for Resilient Radio Communications

Resilient radio communications can play a vital role ensuring immediate confirmation of an alarm status before real disaster recovery and evacuation plans are executed and effectively coordinated. However, challenges arise and failings occur during these crisis situations, especially when power is cut. Consider the following:

•Does the radio system die along with AC power or soon after due to inadequate battery backup?

•Do you experience radio coverage black spots? This may be due to ineffective antenna design or implementation

•Is there limited call capability because of insufficient call capacity or no call prioritisation especially when the system is experiencing a high volume of traffic?

•Did limited knowledge during the procurement process and cost cutting result in a poorly designed system and the use of non-suitably qualified and experienced Personnel lead to these failings?

What Is The Solution

The solution is - ENDURANCE TECHNOLOGY® provided by Roadphone NRB who are specialists and trusted advisor, with a legacy spanning 3 decades designing and supplying highly resilient analogue and digital DMR Tier II and Tier III radio communication systems. Environments, businesses and scenarios which would benefit include Corporate Finance, Power Generation, Oil & Gas refineries, Pharmaceuticals, Secure Hospital Facilities, Residential buildings, Public Buildings (museums and libraries), Sporting Events to name but a few. High value facilities require resilient radio communication systems for their life safety and security.

EDURANCE TECHNOLOGY® boasts industry-leading design, installation and commissioning of highly resilient Business/Mission critical (life safety) analogue or digital radio communications infrastructure. The system is engineered to the highest quality and manufacturing standards - enabling critical evacuation and fire-ground radio communications coverage throughout tall & complex buildings structures, industrial sites etc.

EDURANCE TECHNOLOGY® delivers an agreed level of call capacity at predictable operating costs while providing radio exceptional coverage utilising bespoke distributed antenna systems. Advanced feature capability enables internal & external radio asset tracking, text messaging, alarm reporting (fire head, doors, equipment status etc), call types include individual calls, group communication, system wide calls, priority (when the system gets busy), emergency calls & telephone interconnect and more. All powered by dual redundant AC power and 12year UN2800 battery backup solution designed for bespoke run duration typically 8 hours.

Extended connectivity can be achieved to non-radio users of Android and IOS devices utilising “WAVE OnCloud” hosted Broadband Push To Talk over 3G/4G and WiFi. This adds value and enhancing remote worker safety while providing out of hours or off site communications to security, fire wardens and management (but is not to be seen as a substitute for the resilient performance of radios on the system).

Roadphone NRB strive for continuous improvements adhering to best practices including ISO9001 to ensure we implement EU Regulatory Compliance of R&TTE/RED directives and intrinsically safe ATEX IECEx standards, meaning that Roadphone meet the highest quality standards that our clients demand. These high standards are essential for your business continuity and safety of employees and protection of highly valued assets.


These are vital considerations when purchasing a life safety critical radio communication solution.
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