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Hytera - XPT (Extended Pseudo Trunking)

XPT is a multi-site digital trunking solution that allows you to cost-effectively increase the capacity of your Hytera repeaters. So how does it work?

In a standard Tier system, each repeater has 2 talk “slots”. This means that each repeater can support up to two channels on your radios. If you wish to operate more than two channels, you need to add more repeaters – 2 repeaters for 4 channels, 3 repeaters for 6 channels and so-on. This works fine when only a small quantity of repeated channels are required, but becomes very inefficient, and expensive, when systems need more wide-area channels.

The inefficiency comes as each physical channel on your radio has its own dedicated repeater slot. This channel may not be used very often, and so the repeater slot is idle for much of the time. It’s also expensive – you’ll need more frequencies from OFCOM, and need to buy more repeaters.

So how does XPT look to improve this?

The big difference with Hytera’s eXtended Psuedo Trunking (XPT) solution is that it dynamically assigns the repeater slots. This allows you to have more channels (now known as groups) on your radio than you have physical repeater slots available, working on the presumption that not all of your groups will be busy all of the time.

XPT also allows you to give greater priority to groups than rival systems, by using its ‘home group’ function. Let’s say that you’ve got a ‘Management’ and ‘Operations’ channel. These channels are busy, and you want to ensure that they can always communicate, no matter what. You’d assign these groups to repeater 1, slots A and B. Your next three channels (Cleaning, Catering and Maintenance for example) are likely to be less busy, but are also less critical to your operation. You’d assign all three to the two slots of repeater 2. This means that if both Cleaning and Catering were having conversations, and Maintenance tried to start a call, they’d then be re-assigned to a slot on another of your system’s repeaters, if there’s one available. But, by having a home repeater, each channel enjoys faster call set-up time, and enhanced redundancy in the event of network failure.

Highlights of Hytera's XPT

No control channel – optimized channel utilisation
Compared to a traditional trunked radio system, Hytera XPT does not require control channels so all available radio channels can be utilised for communication. Channels selection is managed by the mobile radio infrastructure, this means that manual channel selection is no longer required. Open channels are automatically determined for call requests. This allows Hytera XPT to combine the advantages of pseudo trunking on DMR Tier II with the increased channel efficiency of a trunked radio system.

Simple changeover to XPT
Are you already using conventional DMR radio from Hytera (DMR Tier II)? Then you are well prepared! Your existing RD985s repeaters can be changed over to XPT without any complications via a licence upgrade. This keeps your investment safe and means purchasing new radios is not necessary. With the exception of the PD3 and PD4 series terminals, all Hytera DMR radios support XPT operation

Simple expansion, flexible networking
The individual repeaters in the XPT system are connected with each other via an IP network. As a result, apart from XPT repeaters, you will need only IP switches, routers and an antenna connection suitable for your aims in order to set up the mobile radio system. No dedicated system controller hardware is required since calls are set up centrally in the XPT system.

If your requirements for your radio system should change, the XPT enables you to quickly respond, in order to increase your channel capacity. To do so, you need only expand the repeater site using additional repeaters and connecting them to your IP network.

One XPT site can consist of up to 8 voice repeaters (providing up to 16 communication channels) and up to 8 dedicated data repeaters. Up to 16 sites can be connected together to provide wide area coverage.

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