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Hytera - DMR Tier III

Tier III digital radio trunking from Hytera represents the very latest radio system innovation, and Roadphone NRB are proud to be one of the first distributors in the UK to offer this technology.

When you migrate from analogue to digital, you’ll notice there are several tiers. It’s worth taking a little time to understand exactly what these tiers are, and which tier is most appropriate for your organisation and your people.

DMR Tier III is a trunked radio system designed for large networks ranging from around 100 to many thousands of users. Although the specifications for DMR Tier III were drawn up by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) in 2012, it is accepted as a worldwide open standard.

DMR Tier III offers a direct digital replacement for analogue MPT1327 trunked networks and is a much more cost-effective solution than other digital trunked standards such as TETRA and P25. As the TMDA technology is spectrally more efficient, providing double the capacity of analogue, DMR Tier III optimises voice and data traffic, maximising the available frequency resources for larger groups of users. DMR Tier III delivers improved audio quality and a much wider range of advanced voice and data applications. It also has the advantage of supporting the transmission of both multiple smart voice and data applications simultaneously, along with a plethora of other advanced features.

Features include:

•   Dynamic channel allocation
•   Group and individual calling
•   Text Messaging
•   Emergency Call Handling
•   Enhanced site roaming and hand-off
•   Super Groups – immediately pull users together from different channels
•   Dynamic Regrouping – manage incidents effectively
•   Dispatch and Control application
•   Dial-up or conventional group operation
•   Job ticketing
•   Lone working
•   AES256 encryption
•   GPS Tracking and Indoor Location
•   Telemetry for integration with building management systems
•   API’s for third party application development
•   Remote diagnostics and over-the-air reprogramming with our Endurance Technology® build standard

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Tier III Systems are avalible for purchase or hire from Roadphone NRB
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