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New digital repeater systems from Roadphone NRB allow you to benefit from an increase in coverage and capacity whilst remaining cost effective.

Simple radio systems are designed to give you additional coverage, digital functionality and some basic data features whilst remaining cost effective and simple to deploy. Roadphone NRB are experts in Motorola Solutions and Hytera hardware and pride ourselves on our overall system and antenna design. This dedication to the detail ensures that we provide the most efficient and reliable system possible. With solutions from leading manufacturers, there are upgrade paths available for older analogue systems, both and much of your original hardware can be configured to work on your new radio system. The most important part of any radio system is careful design and planning to ensure it meets the specific needs of the users.

What can an entry level communication system do for you?

An entry level radio system can simply consist of a single repeater, which is located at a high or central location to re-transmit signals from your handportable or mobile radios enabling them to cover greater distances. With our Commercial grade radio systems, we’ve taken the quality and build standard from our larger Endurance Technology® systems, and adopted them into cost-effective, easily deployable solutions which are ideally suited to schools, hotels, farms and industrial sites. All of our systems are scalable, meaning additional repeaters or sites can be added in the future, to compliment the growth of your organisation.

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  • Open Standard (More hardware options)
  • Louder and clearer audio
  • Higher Capacity (Trunking)
  • Better Coverage
  • Data Capabilities
  • Advanced Control Features
  • Increased Battery Life
  • Easy Switch Over
  • Security
  • Lower Cost than large systems

If you are currently running analogue radios in “back-to-back” mode then the advantages for switching to a digital system are numerous as you’re not only getting the benefits of a repeater to increase range and reduce black spots in coverage, but you can utilise additional digital features such as text messaging and emergency call handling, and operate multiple channels without needing additional frequencies.

Most handportable radios support both digital and analogue functionally and a simple programming change is needed to make the switch over. If you’re still using older, analogue only handsets, Roadphone NRB can support you in making the switch to digital, which can take place over a longer period of time if you’d prefer.

Who is this type system suited for?

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Roadphone NRB offices are positioned in the heart of UK farming and we have provided a number of two-way solutions to local farms helping to increase productivity whilst keeping costs low.

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Manufacturing contributes £6.7 trillion to the global economy, within the UK this industry sector directly employs 2.6 million people. Roadphone NRB aims to allows staff to work more efficiently and safely than ever before.

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Hotels small and large find the perfect solution to your communications needs all whilst impacting your guests the least.

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Explore the technology that powers your Commercial radio system.

DMR has received global recognition as a technology that combines voice, data, features and applications. With the advancements in digital radio technology, there are now a large catalogue of software applications to ensure that you are getting the maximum out of your existing hardware. Discover more about these software packages yourself, or speak to a specialist today - 01778 421250

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