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Motorola - GP340 VHF or UHF Handportable

The popular Motorola GP340 handportable radio from Roadphone is the easy to operate two-way radio solution for professionals that need to stay in contact. This 16 channel radio can increase your productivity by keeping users communicating, it can streamline their radio use and allow them to concentrate on the job in hand.

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The Motorola GP340 radio requires an Offcom Licence to operate in the UK, see licences for more info.
These models have been DISCONTINUED by Motorola please phone 01778 421250 for compatible radios. Accessories are still available.


  • Signalling - CTCSS and 5 tone.
  • Channels - 16
  • 1-5 watt VHF or 1-4 watt UHF transmit power.
  • Adjustable power levels.
  • 3 programmable buttons to improve ease of use and increase operator efficiency.
  • Channel Scan - allows other channels to be monitored and answered.
  • Voice Operated Transmit - allows handsfree operation when used with VOX accessory.
  • Lone Worker - added safety and security for individuals that work remotely from their team.
  • Emergency Button - to help ensure rapid response to critical incidents.
  • Whisper - allows user to speak quietly into radio and still be understood.
  • 0.5 Watt quality audio.
  • Call Forward - allows calls to be forwarded to another radio user if you are unable to answer your calls personally.
  • MilSpec - 810 C,D,E standard.
  • Meets IP54 environmental sealing helps ensure continued operation in tough working conditions.
  • Compact and ergonomically friendly microphone.
  • Accessory connector

Standard Package Comprises

  • Portable Radio
  • Antenna
  • Li-ion Battery
  • Belt Clip
  • Single Unit Charger
  • Quick reference guide


Technical Specifications

Frequency Range (MHz):VHF 136-174 UHF 403-470
Typical RF Output:High Power VHF 5 W UHF 4 W Low power 1 W
Channel Spacing (kHz): 12.5/25
No. of Channels: 16
Dimensions (H x W x D):137 x 57.5 x 37.5mm
Battery Life:Analogue 8 hrs
at 5/5/90 duty cycle


PMLN4605PMLN4605 Clear coiled audio kit ( to fit black ear-bud )PMLN4605 Clear coiled audio kit ( to fit black ear-bud )for professional series portables.£10.00£8.50
MDPMLN4607MDPMLN4607 Motorola Pro series 2 wire covert with tube (kit)MDPMLN4607 Motorola Pro series 2 wire covert with tube (kit) for professional handportables. Professional connector.£26.00£22.10
HLN9716HLN9716 Motorola accessory adaptorHLN9716 Allows GP300 accessories to be used on Motorola professional series &#D;&#A;portables£27.00£24.30
PMLN5000 PMLN5000 Professional Series D-shell earpiece with in-line PTT/MicPMLN5000 Combined microphone and PTT, can be worn on left or right ear, large speaker for excellent audio loudness. Professional connector.£19.00£16.15
MDPMLN4653MDPMLN4653 D-Shell headset with PTT (Professional series connector)MDPMLN4653 D-Shell ultra light weight headset with PTT and VOX for professional portables. Professional connector.£23.00£19.55


HLN9665HLN9665 Standard hard leather case with belt loopHLN9665 Standard hard leather case with belt loop for professional series radios. Can be used with Impres batteries.£24.15£20.53
HLN9676HLN9676 Standard leather case with swivelHLN9676 Standard leather case with swivel for professional series radios. Can be used with Impres batteries/£28.35£25.51


MDRMN4032MDRMN4032 Medium weight headsetMDRMN4032 Medium weight headset for professional series radios. Not to be used with trunked models. Professional connector.£151.20£128.52

Speaker Mics

MDPMMN4021MDPMMN4021 Motorola remote speaker microphone with jack for Professional SeriesMDPMMN4021 remote speaker microphone with jack for earpiece and enhanced noise reduction for professional series radios. Suitable earpieces WADN4190, MDRLN4885, MDRLN4941 and MDPMLN4620. Professional connector.£33.00£29.70


RKN4075RKN4075 Motorola Professional Series Ribless programming cableRKN4075 Ribless programming cable for programming Motorola Professional series &#D;&#A;handportables.£289.00£245.65
ENLN4115UENLN4115U Motorola Professional Series software for 5-T RadiosENLN4115U Motorola Professional Series software for 5-T Radios GP320 - GP330 - GP340 - GP360 - GP380 - GP344 - GP388 £20.00£17.00

Antenna for Handportable

PMAD4015APMAD4015A VHF Professional Series 14cm antenna (155-174Mhz)PMAD4015A Motorola VHF Professional Series 14cm antenna (155-174Mhz) (black colour code)£5.25£4.73


PMAE4016UHF Whip Antenna (403-520 MHz)PMAE4016 UHF antenna whip 17cm 403-520MHz ATEX approved for use with Motorola &#D;&#A;GP340ex, GP380ex and GP680ex intrinsically safe handportables.£7.00£6.30


WPLN4188WPLN4188 IMPRES Motorola Professional series multi charger (6 pockets) (UK plug)WPLN4188. New IMPRES battery management technology. Six way multi-charger without display for professional and compact professional portables. Replaces MDHTN3005 6-way charger.£350.00£297.50
PMLN5195PMLN5195 Motorola Professional Series Single Unit Rapid charger (UK Plug). Replaces MDHTN3002 PMLN5195 Rapid single pocket charger for LiIon/NiCd/NiMh batteries. Also suitable for Motorola Professional Compact Series (GP344/644/388/688). Charges battery with or without radio. Only 1hr required to reach 90% capacity. Replaces MDHTN3002£37.80£32.13


PMNN4158PMNN4158 Motorola Lithium Ion high capacity battery 1500mAh professional series radios. (replaces HNN9013)PMNN4158 Motorola Lithium Ion high capacity battery 1500mAh professional series radios. (replaces HNN9013)£48.00£40.80
PMNN4151PMNN4151 Motorola Professional Series NiMH 1300mAH high capacity batteryPMNN4151 battery for the Motorola Professional Series. 10 hrs operational time (presuming 90:5:5 with &#D;&#A;standby:send:transmit ratio), weight 204g, 1300mAH, Gold plated battery contacts, dimensions &#D;&#A;120x52x12 mm (Replaces HNN9008)£37.80£27.99