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Hytera PD355

Hytera - PD355

Hytera PD355

UHF Digital Portable Two-Way Radio Chassis*

£129.75 Ex VAT

£173.00 List Price

Frequency Licencing


By selecting ‘ I need help to apply for a license’, we will then contact you to assist with the process of applying for a license through Ofcom.

*Some features require additional software licencing and hardware infrastructure this may incur additional costs not covered by the list price. Contact Roadphone for any additional information.  +44 (0)1778 421250

The Hytera PD355 is a business radio packed into a small pocket format, this compact design and simple operation allows these DMR handheld radios your go to for reliable digital radio communication. Weighing only 160g the PD355 is a radio you can wear all day with comfort, even on a long shift.

The PD3 series has been developed with the ETSI DMR standards (1) Digital Mobile Radio is a new European standard set by ETSI, defining a direct digital replacement for analogue PMR, and can also be operated in analogue mode.

The unique design of this radio includes an integrated antenna design allowing the overall size to be kept low while enabling excellent availability. The 2000mAH Li-Ion included in the package allow the PD355 to achieve an operating time of 12h (2) in digital mode.

The PD355 offers a huge array of functionality as well a no-nonsense introduction to digital mobile radio at a competitive price.

(1) - http://www.etsi.org/technologies-clusters/technologies/digital-mobile-radio
(2) - With a duty cycle of 5-5-90

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