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Motorola DP3661e

Motorola - DP3661e

Motorola DP3661e

UHF Digital Portable Two-Way Radio Chassis*

£450.00 Ex VAT

£600.00 List Price

Frequency Band

Frequency Licencing




By selecting ‘ I need help to apply for a license’, we will then contact you to assist with the process of applying for a license through Ofcom.

*Some features require additional software licencing and hardware infrastructure this may incur additional costs not covered by the list price. Contact Roadphone for any additional information.  +44 (0)1778 421250

The ever-popular Motorola DP3661e is a compact, simple to use radio from Motorola Solutions. With a large, textured push-to-talk button for ease of use, the DP3441e supports all of the latest technologies from Motorola, including Capacity Plus and Capacity Max systems. A favourite with the event industry due to its small size, the Motorola DP3441e is compatible with a wide range of accessories, including earpieces, speaker microphones and carry cases. Plus, it’s perfect for those who wish to migrate from analogue to digital, with the chargers for the analogue GP344 and DP3441e/DP3661e being inter-changeable.

The DP3000e Series of radios were designed to pack all the high-end features users have come to expect from a professional radio into a small easier to carry package. The DP3000e radios fit comfortably in the hand, making use whilst walking or operating other equipment simpler.

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