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Resilient and Secure Digital Mobile Radio network infrastructure providing business / mission critical (life safety) communications for Tall and Complex building structures.

Helping to ensure the security, integrity and safety of high value facilities whilst providing efficient and instant work group communications for a productive workforce.


Business/Mission critical life-safety networks standout because they need to work in the most difficult of times. They provide bespoke coverage where and when it’s needed for daily operations and during the unexpected. Data applications – GPS, messaging, man down, alarms and sensors – improve efficiency, collaboration and safety. Intelligible voice communications, flexible configurations and talk group communication also allow various departments to connect and collaborate in real time. Most importantly, they enable emergency communications even under the most challenging circumstances.


Critical infrastructure networks must be inherently reliable and resilient, ENDURANCE TECHNOLOGY® radio systems can be built with a number of redundancy options. These redundancy options can enable a system to withstand a failure of a normally critical component(s) without affecting functionality. Redundancy is built into hardware and software components designed to maintain continuity of voice and data services. Scalability provides bespoke expansion of voice and data path capacity allowing the infrastructure to grow with your expanding requirements without restricting your ability to communicate.


Benefits of owning your communications system are tough to ignore. Above all else, private, mission critical communications deliver control over who can access the system and who can’t. The ability to manage vital radio resources are key elements of control and allow the operator to mitigate security-related risks.


Ensuring you have required coverage where you need it is fundamental to critical network design. Coverage prediction and analysis tools help generate detailed coverage maps and the design of site location and antenna system solutions. Endurance Technologies implement bespoke RF coverage specifically tailored to the customers environment. Our mission critical networks ensure sites are hardened against failures, having resilience provided by redundancy and back-up power sources to help ensure system availability.

Considerations for Resilience

• Does your system have poor coverage?

• Does your system suffer from limited call capability & capacity, especially at times of high volume traffic?

• Does your system fail along with the AC power or soon after?

• Does your system feature an option for dual AC power feed?

• Does your system feature bespoke battery back-up for communications equipment?

• Does your system feature 12 year design life back-up batteries?

• Does your system feature proper cable management and labelled with source, destination and unique identifier?

• Is your system adequately earth bonded and lightning protection implemented?

• Has your system cubicle been designed to accommodate adequate maintenance and future expansion?
• Does your system feature adequate environmental protection?

• Does your system utilise low smoke and fume zero halogen interconnection cables?

• Does your system have proactive service support to help identify and resolve issues, enhance system availability and user safety?

ENDURANCE TECHNOLOGY® addresses these commonly experienced issues. For resilient and secure Digital Mobile Radio network infrastructure providing business / mission critical (life safety) communications for Tall and Complex building structures ask for ENDURANCE TECHNOLOGY®

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